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Free MBA Courses

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Unbelievable But truthful: Twelve totally Free MBA Courses at free degree university

It looks unbelievable, but it is true. Business Technology of Free MBA Courses is completely independent and without any link with any manufacturer or consultant...

The aged Abet Open University created his non-profit Business Technology Open University - totally free. Its processes are supported by ads - content oriented - of companies, inside the texts of the lessons. Nevertheless, Business Technology of Free MBA Courses is completely independent and without any connection with any manufacturer or advisor.

Its twelve free MBA courses at free degree university are the following:
published by: free degree university 
- MBA Business Administration & e-Company free MBA courses
- EMBA Executive Business Administration free MBA courses
- CIO Chief Information Officer free MBA courses
- ERP Enterprise Resources Planning free MBA courses
- CRM Customer Relationship Management free MBA courses
- SCM Supply Chain Management free MBA courses
- BI Business Intelligence & Data Mining free MBA courses
- BA Business Automation & Workflow Management free MBA courses
- HRM Human Resources Management free MBA courses
- CIMO Internet Marketing & Sales & e-Commerce free MBA courses
- Public Administration & e-Government free MBA courses
- PM Project Management. free MBA courses

Those 12 MBA courses are the so called Next-Generation as its teached matters are very forward-looking, as the new management of companies and Governments, the new management technologies, etc.

Those free MBA courses are only in English and by correspondence, with 2 to 5 lessons a week and they continuances varies from 1.5 up to 5.5 months. In the total they have 2,600 lessons and in addition more 11,000 complemental lessons, everything sent in e-mail attachments.

The pre-requirements for the registrations are one of the following:

- College/University graduated or in course to graduate, or

- Good job undergo in the choiced MBA matter

and those registrations can be made separately or in groups of employees' of companies or Governments officers.

In the moment Business Technology already has 193,000 students from the entire Earth, and the projection for the end of this year is of more 400,000 students.

The business in the Internet more and more are of that pattern, some thing free be financed by ads in the sites. The successful Google is like this... This Business Technology of free MBA courses at free degree university model is the same, but financed by ads publicized inside the texts of the lessons. That is to say, free breeding financed by ads in the lessons, and more and more we will see this education model in the Internet in a not very distante future.

We consider that in more 5 to 10 years this will be a very criterion education procedure used by a lot of open universities together with the licenced ones. A issue to think.

published by: free degree university 
About the Author:

S. Maurer is a 53-years old college graduated IT professional person, with 30 years of experience in the computer & technology business. Now is the Correspondence Courses Director of the Abet Open University

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