Sunday, December 6, 2009

Free Online Courses

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With the Internet at our fingertips, one of the most advantageous opportunities is the ability to further our educational pursuits. Does it have to cost thousands of dollars to pursue further education? Definitely not! Because now you can earn your degree online for free.
One vast resource for accessing free online courses is Individuals can search by topic, subject, and program of study or by a major subject area such as Automotive, Psychology, Engineering, etc. Courses related to topics such as Astronomy, Anthropology, transportation, GED and College preparatory courses and more offers avid learners a wealth of education to explore at no expense.
Taking advantage of free online courses not only broadens your knowledge but also allows you to discover if a career direction you may be interested in is a good fit for you. By investigating some of the courses that would be involved in obtaining a certain degree – such as Law, Mathematics, Economics or Sociology courses, it could prove a wise and prudent way to approach advanced educational pursuits. Before spending a lot of money one could discover the area of interest was not a suitable one.
The main difference between taking free online courses and those that require payment of tuition or fees is that many free courses may not be accredited. This means colleges; universities and other higher learning facilities may or may not acknowledge these courses as having value toward credits or degrees. Usually online courses will not garner the student any credits and most online courses related to degrees are introductions to a degree and have no actual value toward the acquiring of the degree itself.
Overall, however, the opportunity to learn almost any subject online without charge is one of the reasons many individuals choose to take advantage of the opportunity. The ability to study topics of interest that may otherwise not be accessible is often incentive enough. The drawback to many online courses that are free usually involves lack of textbooks required to pursue the course more fully. Most of these texts are often costly or unavailable to the casual learner. Tests, exams, and teacher assistance are other areas that may be lacking. Still i hope you will like to get online studies. not?
There are those courses though that do offer a good deal of substance and possibly may even offer the opportunity to achieve a credit or two. Choosing free courses online carefully could lead to obtaining a goldmine of educational success for little if any expense. So are you ready to earn your degree online?
published by: free degree university 
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