Saturday, December 12, 2009

Free Online Degrees

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Online Universities have been operating for about a decade already, with open source courseware being used and improved throughout that period of time. It is interesting to note that the new trend emerging is to offer degrees online at no cost. Some of the founders of these resources learned that most educators are very generous with their knowledge when as members of educator to educator help forums it was obvious that when it comes to sharing knowledge, educators are committed to education of the masses, whatever it takes. With this knowledge, a tuition-free university has been founded just this autumn of 2009, where free online degrees, either two year or four year, can be acquired. University of the People is its name and for now its offerings are Business and Computer Sciences, with plans to expand as time goes by and the concept is proven successful.
The concept of free online degrees is a fairly new one and is still quite controversial. Educators acknowledge that the Open Courseware Consortium that was started in 2001 by MIT makes thousands of quality courses available online, but they wonder if the coursework offered for free will suffer for lack of professors behind it. But this is where the heart of the educator willing to share his knowledge comes into play. Because educators believe in education for all, many will be willing to either donate their time or work for little pay in order that a talented student with few resources might still have the opportunity to acquire free online degrees.
With the president’s new American Graduation Initiative, the development of new interactive, online coursework is encouraged and will be financed by the federal government at $50 million a year for a period of ten years. In this way, it will certainly soon be possible for many to earn free online degrees in many fields of study.
Many good for-profit online universities exist now for the convenience of students that must work toward their degrees on their own schedule. The new concept of free online universities, however, is still in the beginning stages. Accreditation is still limited, as are available course. But with today’s boon in social networking, and peer to peer learning/teaching opportunities, it is only a matter of time before it is possible for anyone with initiative to acquire higher education whatever their financial situation might be.
published by: free degree university 
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