Saturday, December 12, 2009

Free Online Degrees

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Online Universities have been operating for about a decade already, with open source courseware being used and improved throughout that period of time. It is interesting to note that the new trend emerging is to offer degrees online at no cost. Some of the founders of these resources learned that most educators are very generous with their knowledge when as members of educator to educator help forums it was obvious that when it comes to sharing knowledge, educators are committed to education of the masses, whatever it takes. With this knowledge, a tuition-free university has been founded just this autumn of 2009, where free online degrees, either two year or four year, can be acquired. University of the People is its name and for now its offerings are Business and Computer Sciences, with plans to expand as time goes by and the concept is proven successful.
The concept of free online degrees is a fairly new one and is still quite controversial. Educators acknowledge that the Open Courseware Consortium that was started in 2001 by MIT makes thousands of quality courses available online, but they wonder if the coursework offered for free will suffer for lack of professors behind it. But this is where the heart of the educator willing to share his knowledge comes into play. Because educators believe in education for all, many will be willing to either donate their time or work for little pay in order that a talented student with few resources might still have the opportunity to acquire free online degrees.
With the president’s new American Graduation Initiative, the development of new interactive, online coursework is encouraged and will be financed by the federal government at $50 million a year for a period of ten years. In this way, it will certainly soon be possible for many to earn free online degrees in many fields of study.
Many good for-profit online universities exist now for the convenience of students that must work toward their degrees on their own schedule. The new concept of free online universities, however, is still in the beginning stages. Accreditation is still limited, as are available course. But with today’s boon in social networking, and peer to peer learning/teaching opportunities, it is only a matter of time before it is possible for anyone with initiative to acquire higher education whatever their financial situation might be.
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Free Online Courses

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With the Internet at our fingertips, one of the most advantageous opportunities is the ability to further our educational pursuits. Does it have to cost thousands of dollars to pursue further education? Definitely not! Because now you can earn your degree online for free.
One vast resource for accessing free online courses is Individuals can search by topic, subject, and program of study or by a major subject area such as Automotive, Psychology, Engineering, etc. Courses related to topics such as Astronomy, Anthropology, transportation, GED and College preparatory courses and more offers avid learners a wealth of education to explore at no expense.
Taking advantage of free online courses not only broadens your knowledge but also allows you to discover if a career direction you may be interested in is a good fit for you. By investigating some of the courses that would be involved in obtaining a certain degree – such as Law, Mathematics, Economics or Sociology courses, it could prove a wise and prudent way to approach advanced educational pursuits. Before spending a lot of money one could discover the area of interest was not a suitable one.
The main difference between taking free online courses and those that require payment of tuition or fees is that many free courses may not be accredited. This means colleges; universities and other higher learning facilities may or may not acknowledge these courses as having value toward credits or degrees. Usually online courses will not garner the student any credits and most online courses related to degrees are introductions to a degree and have no actual value toward the acquiring of the degree itself.
Overall, however, the opportunity to learn almost any subject online without charge is one of the reasons many individuals choose to take advantage of the opportunity. The ability to study topics of interest that may otherwise not be accessible is often incentive enough. The drawback to many online courses that are free usually involves lack of textbooks required to pursue the course more fully. Most of these texts are often costly or unavailable to the casual learner. Tests, exams, and teacher assistance are other areas that may be lacking. Still i hope you will like to get online studies. not?
There are those courses though that do offer a good deal of substance and possibly may even offer the opportunity to achieve a credit or two. Choosing free courses online carefully could lead to obtaining a goldmine of educational success for little if any expense. So are you ready to earn your degree online?
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free online colleges

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The opportunity to take advantage of free online colleges offering courses at no charge comes with both advantages and drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks to free online colleges is that individuals normally cannot obtain degrees or earn credits. Most of the courses offered free by colleges are at the entry level and are not full courses. Such courses can however, offer individuals a great way to get a good head start on familiarizing themselves with an area of study. This can assist them when deciding on a suitable educational direction.

A large number of colleges provide students with the ability to learn a variety of subjects with no cost involved other than a person’s time. Some of the course topics one can study freely through online colleges include:

Family Finance
Business Analysis
Introduction to Microeconomics
Introduction to Psychology
Arts and Humanity studies
Computer System engineering
Physics and more.
The large majority of free online courses available through colleges online are considered the schools “samples” designed to allow prospective students the opportunity to evaluate the quality of courses and the service a school has to offer interested students. It is usually expected that those individuals who utilize the free courses will then consider obtaining additional courses from the school for a fee. Once it is determined that the school provides the level of educational opportunities that fit with the person’s interests, schedule and goals for advancement either in their career or through personal development, a level of trust has been built. It is this trust that often encourages those who have taken advantage of free courses to step ahead and pay for additional courses the online college offers.
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Although many online colleges do not offer free courses that provide the option to earn credits , there are some schools that will provide credits and even certifications for certain training that has been taken for free through their online classrooms. Usually such colleges provide in-depth curriculum that is within a particular specialty and often student satisfaction within free courses will drive the promotion of a school’s fee based offerings.

By carefully assessing the learning opportunities that are available one does have the ability to gain additional education with no financial commitment and sometimes opportunities free online colleges offer prove to be finds well worth exploring further. So what you have decided? Ready to earn your degree online or not?
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Features of Free Online Degrees

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Free Online Degrees will give you all the benefits of a campus degree in a jiffy. Just a few clicks away from earning an online degree free of cost can be like a dream impossible absolutely. Often it happens that you have the experience and the knowledge but a lack of an academic degree is forbidding you to move ahead in your career. Then it is time to get your degree be it in the bachelors or masters level. You do not need any examinations, classes or books you just need to register and you will get your qualification in 24 hours or at the maximum in a week’s time.
More than 200,000 people are opting for Free Online Degrees and getting their degrees within a short period of time and it’s absolutely legal. It will give your career the much needed boost it was looking for. But there are some institutions where a minimum fee is required to be paid to be eligible for Online Degree courses which are free of cost. There are many financial aid programs too available which help to afford a degree easily.
Features of Free Online Degrees:
Online degrees free of cost have become quite a rage among the students. There are many educational websites where you are provided free online education. Students are provided free training and are given books and learning materials absolutely free of charges. This is a great benefit for many students across the globe. No extra cost no classes are some of the basic features of Free Online Degrees. With a free degree online afforded by an institute you will be able to take your career to the next level. You can finish the free online degree programs at your own time and you can do this independently without any assistance.
Free Online Classes:
There are some schools which offer free online classes. This is a unique facility offered by a handful of institutions. This is very useful if you want to improve their knowledge and skills. Institutions like New York University, Yale University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have made their classes free for all who are to use the online facility. Free online college degrees make life much easier, as now neither time nor money can be a restraint in earning a degree online.
Free Online Degree Colleges:
Free online master’s degree , bachelors and associates degrees are available. Since this type of courses are unique hardly any institutes offer. Only a limited number of institutions offer courses and programs which are free of cost. Free online theology degrees are available too. This is offered by the institute:
Thinkers International Bible Seminary
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Free Fake Degrees? Step Towards Success With Legal Degrees!

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Free fake degrees may seem to be an easier, cheaper option but consider this – they are identified at a glance and can cause to ruin your career. Be wise and make the better decision, dont go for fake online degrees – get an accredited degree based on your life experience (work experience, prior education, special training). For a very minimal price and in just 7 days you can get a Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD or any other degree, in any major that you want.
All life experience degrees that we offer are awarded by the well-known and distinguished Rochville University and look just like any other traditional degree with no words like ‘online’or ‘life experience’. Moreover, once you are approved you are sent a complete degree package, inclusive of 10 academic documents, each embossed with the gold plated university seal.
Free fake degrees may be tempting, but they are a huge risk. For a more secure future, get an accredited degree instead. Find out how at
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get free degrees at

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Instant Degrees provides you a fully accredited and verifiable degree that is recognized worldwide.
You don’t need to study, give exams or pay any semester fees. Simply on the basis of your life experience, you can earn a degree which is like any other traditional degree.
Other sites offer free instant degree which is just downloaded online. On the other hand, the degree which we provide carries an original seal of the accredited university. Your degree won’t even have words like “online” or “life experience mentioned on it.
Get your online instant degree straightaway and be successful in your personal and professional life!
Don’t fall for free instant degree anymore. Find out more about the original degree that you get at affordable prices.
Instant Degrees Online awarded on the basis of life experience
•           Prior job experience in any field
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•           Employer-sponsored training and attendance of workshops
•           Participation in organizations, both professional and nonprofessional
•           Personal goals, lifestyle, hobbies and traveling
•           Participation in Voluntary activities and Community Service
•           Independent reading, viewing, listening, or writing
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